Brain Damage (1988)

USA, 1987
84m (USA – cut R-rated version), 86m (USA – full version)
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Frank Henenlotter. Production began on 1 February 1987.

Plot Summary

Brian finds his brain invaded by a fast-talking parasite, Elmer, that floods his nervous system with a hallucinogenic substance that keeps him under control while Elmer goes on a killing spree.


Directed by: Frank Henenlotter
© 1987 The Brain Damage Company
Palisades Partners presents an Ievins/Henenlotter production
Executive Producers: Andre Blay, Al Eicher
Produced by: Edgar Ievins
Associate Producers: Charles Bennett, Ray Sundlin
Written by: Frank Henenlotter
Director of Photography: Bruce Torbet
Edited by: James Y. Kwei, Frank Henenlotter
Music: Gus Russo, Clutch Reiser
Sound: Joe Warda
Sound Recordist: Russell Jessum
Wardrobe: Ivy Rosovsky
Make-Up: Daniel Frye
Special Make-Up Effects: Gabe Bartalos
Elmer Created by: Gabe Bartalos, David Kindlon
Supervisor of Visual Effects: Al Magliochetti
Set Design: Charles Bennett

Rick Herbst (Brian)
Gordon Macdonald (Mike)
Jennifer Lowry (Barbara)
Theo Barnes (Morris)
Lucille Saint-Peter (Martha)
Vicki Darnell (blonde in Hell)
Joe Gonzales (guy in shower)
Bradlee Rhodes (night watchman)
Michael Bishop (toilet victim)
Beverly Donner (neighbour)
Ari Rousimoff (biker)
Michael Rubenstein (bum in alley)
Angel Figueroa (junkie)
John Reichert, Don Henenlotter (police)
Kenneth Pachard, Artemis Pizarro (subway riders)
Slam Wedgehouse (mohawked punk)
Kevin Vanhentenryck (man with basket)
John Zacherle [voice of Elmer – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

The Tingler Takes a Trip – early title

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