Blood Suckers from Outer Space (1984)

35mm film, colour

An American horror/science fiction film directed by Glen Coburn.

Plot Summary

Invisible invade a small town in rural Texas and turn the locals into bloodthirsty .


Directed by: Glen Coburn
One Of Those Productions
Executive Producer: Garl Boyd Latham
Produced by: Rick Garlington
Written by: Glen Coburn
Director of Photography: Chad D. Smith
Editor: Karen D. Latham
Music by: Rick Garlington
Production Sound Mixer: Michael Haines
Costume Designer: Karen Pierce
Make-up: J.P. Joyce, Tim McDowell
Special Effects: J.P. Joyce, Tim McDowell
Art Director: Rick Garlington

Robert Bradeen (Uncle Joe)
Big John Brigham (Norman)
Glen Coburn (Ralph Rhodes)
Franny Coppenbarger (dead woman)
Christine Crowe (president's playmate)
David Cunningham (military guard)
Joyce Dixon (seductive bloodsucker)
Laura Ellis (Julie)
Dan Gallion (the farmer)
Rick Garlington (Major Hood)
Wayne Greene (B.J. Barton)
Chris Heldman [real name: Christopher Heldman] (Sam)
Candace Hickey (blood sucker)
Billie Keller (Aunt Kate)
Paul LaRocque (driver)
Dennis Letts (General Sanders)
Thom Meyer [real name: Thom Meyers] (Jeff Rhodes)
Kris Nicolau-Sharpley (Jeri Jett)
Julie P. Oliver-Touchstone [real name: Julie Oliver-Touchstone] (screamer)
Pat Paulsen (U.S. President)

Alternative Titles

Bloodsuckers from Outer Space
Horror Academy 1
– French video title
Suceurs de sang
– French Canadian title
– Italian title


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