Frankenhooker (1990)

Dolby, English

An American comedy science fiction/horror film directed by Frank Henenlotter.

Plot Summary

When his fiancée is killed in a freak lawn mower accident, heartbroken med school dropout Jeffrey Franken decides to piece her back together and restore her to life. But he wasn't able to restore her head so grafts on the head of a prostitute he murders in a sleazy hotel room…


Director: Frank Henenlotter
Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment, Ievins-Henenlotter
Executive Producer: James Glickenhaus
Producer: Edgar Ievins
Script: Robert Martin, Frank Henenlotter
Director of Photography: Robert M. Baldwin
Editor: Kevin Tent
Music: Joe Renzetti
Make Up Artist: Dan Frye
Special Make-up Effects: Gabe Bartalos
Pyrotechnics Supervisor: Matt Vogel
Special Visual Effects: Al Magliochetti
Locations: New Jersey, USA; New York City, New York, USA

James Lorinz (Jeffrey Franken)
Joanne Ritchie (Mrs Shelley)
Patty Mullen (Elizabeth Shelley)
J.J. Clark (Mr Shelley)
Carissa Channing (Dolores)
Shirl Bernheim (Elizabeth's grandmother)
Judy Grafe (newscaster)
Helmar Cooper (Detective Anderson)
Louise Lasser (Jeffrey's mother)
John Zacherle (weatherman)
Charlotte Helmkamp (Honey)
Kimberly Taylor (Amber)
Shirley Stoler (Spike the bartender)
Joseph Gonzalez (Zorro)
Ari Roussimoff (Zorro's customer)
Tom Hair (Motormouth)
Beverly Bonner (Casey)
Jennifer Delora (Angel)
Lia Chang (Crystal)
Stephanie Ryan [real name: Susan Napoli] (Anise)

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