Appetite (1998)

UK, Germany, 1998
95m, 2,599 metres
35mm film, colour
Dolby SR, English

A British/German horror film directed by George Milton.

Plot Summary

In the Station Hotel, room 207 is reputed to be haunted. A group of strangers who have arrived there play cards to see who will have to sleep in the room. But whatever is haunting the hotel isn’t going to let them off that lightly…


Director: George Milton
© 1997 J&M Entertainment Ltd
The Alternative Cinema Company presents in association with The Isle of Man Film Commission a Loud Mous Productions, 101 Films, Schlemmer Film production
Executive Producers: Matthew Payne, Mark Vennis
Producers: Charly Cantor, Simon Johnson, Christoph Meyer-Wiel
Line Producer: Liz Bunton
Screenplay: George Milton, Charly Cantor
Story: George Milton
Director of Photography: Peter Thwaites
Editor: Rod Edge
Music: Dominik Scherrer
Production Sound Mixer: Malcolm Davies
Costume Designer: Jemima Cotter
Make Up Designer: Suzanne Jansen
Special Effects: Stuart Conran
Production Designer: Mark Stevenson
Casting: Vanessa Pereira, Simone Ireland
Shot entirely on locations in the Isle of Man [Castle Mona Hotel, Douglas]

Ute Lemper (Greta)
Trevor Eve (Jay)
Christien Anholt (Nelson)
George Harris (Arthur)
Ysé Tran (Susie)
George Lenz (Wim)
Detlef Bothe (Godfrey)
Edward Hardwicke (Jonathan)
Eric MacLennan (Vince)
Nicky Ladanowski (hooker)
Denny Cain (chambermaid)
Siew Ing Gould (Chinese woman)
Shane Adam Barks (young boy)
Katrina Verdon-Roe (woman in dreams)
Richard Henthorn (helping man)
Trevor Nelson (john 1)
Charles T. Henry (john 2)

Alternative Titles

Apetite – Portugese video title



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