Agenda 187 (1999)

black and white

An American borderline horror film directed by Daniel Casey.

Plot Summary

Julia Summers, a teenager struggling to come to terms with the deaths of two of her friends who have been brutally murdered, finds little sympathy from the rest of her friends. But then Julia herself is attacked and the surface veneer of the small town is scratched away to reveal a dark and disturbing underbelly.


Director: Daniel Casey
Cannon Fodder Productions, WOAK Productions
Script: Daniel Casey
Editor: Daniel Casey
Production Designer: Adam Kowal
Locations: Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Rachel Schurig (Julia)
Matt Enochs (John)
Michelle Giorlando (Leia)
Benjamin Webster (Ian)
Evynne Blumer (Mercedes)
Adam Kowal (Luke)
Michael G. Donnelly (Chris)
Bradley Voorhees (Brad)
Mary C. Casey (Kate)
Lauren Semivan (Thea)
Karl Rosenzweig (Ringo)
Chris Pelak (Joe)
Julia Hickling (Susan)