Alien 2 sulla Terra (1980)

81m, 85m
Eastmancolor, Technicolor
mono, Italian
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An Italian science fiction/horror film directed by Ciro Ippolito using the pseudonym Sam Cromwell. It was marketed as a sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien (1979).

Plot Summary

Carnivorous arrive on Earth attached to a returning space mission. They lurk in a network of beneath where they are encountered by a group of pot-holers who are picked off one-by-one.


Directed by: Sam Cromwell [real name: Ciro Ippolito]
© [not given on screen]
Angiolo Stella, Ciro Ippolito present. GPS Cinematografica
Executive Producers: Ciro Ippolito for GPS
Produced by: Sam Cromwell [real name: Ciro Ippolito]
Written by: Sam Cromwell [real name: Ciro Ippolito]
Director of Photography: Silvio Fraschetti
Film Editor: Carlo Broglio
Music by: The Oliver Onions
Sound Recording: Econ Studios for Cinitalia, Rome
Costumes by: Valeria Valenza
Make-up: Lamberto Marini
Special Effects: Donald Patterly
Production Designers: Angelo Matte, Mario Moll
Speleological Consultant: Simone Pinto
[Filmed] on location and at Cinecitta' Studios

Belinda Mayne (Thelma)
Marc Bodin (Roy)
Robert Barrese
Benny Aldrich
Michael Shaw [real name: Michele Soavi]
Judy Perrin (Maureen)
Don Parkinson
Claudio Falanga

Alternative Titles

Alien 2
Alien 2 e Sulla Terra
Alien – Die Saat des Grauens Kehrt Zuruck
– German title
Alien Terror – UK title
Le Monstre attaque
– French title
The Strangers

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