APEX (1993)

digital video, colour

An American science fiction film directed by Phillip J. Roth.

Plot Summary

A robot is sent back in time from 2073 to 1973, sending one of its creators into a plague-ravaged alternate timeline where the human race is fighting a losing battle with an army of .


Directed by: Phillip J. Roth
© 1993 Green Communications, Inc.
Green Communications, Inc. presents in association with Republic Pictures a Talaat Captan production. A Philip J. Roth film
Executive Producer: Talaat Captan
Produced by: Talaat Captan
Producer: Gary Jude Burkart
Associate Producer: Jeffrey Beach
Written by: Phillip J. Roth, Ronald Schmidt
Story by: Phillip J. Roth, Gian Carlo Scandiuzzi
Director of Photography: Mark W. Gray
Edited by: Daniel Lawrence
Music by: Jim Goodwin
Production Sound Mixer: Bill Reinhardt
Costume Design: Marie Blom, Maria Hansson
Makeup/Hair Stylists: Stephanie Fowler, Jennifer Darpinian
Special Robotic Effects: Altered Anatomy FX
Special Effects: Vincent Borgese
3D Computer Animations and Digital Rotoscope Sequences: Tim Douglas
Production Design: Blake B. Jackson, Grant Fausey
APEX Robot Designed by: David Douglas
Casting by: Elizabeth Weintraub

Richard Keats (Nicholas Sinclair)
Mitchell Cox (Shepherd)
Lisa Ann Russell (Natasha Sinclair)
Marcus Aurelius (Taylor)
Adam Lawson (Rasheed)
David Jean Thomas (Dr Elgin)
Anna B. Choi (Mishima)
Kristin Norton (Johnson)
Brian Richard Peck (desert rat)
Jay Irwin (Gunney)
Robert Tossberg (1973 father)
Kathy Lambert [real name: Kathleen Randazzo] (1973 mother)
Kareem H. Captan (Joey)
Merle Nicks (old man)
Natasha Roth (desert child)
Suzi Mealing (desert wife)
J Bartel (transport leader)
Randy Kagan, Tony Gugliuzza, Jose Ontiveros (night soldiers
Richard Hench, Jeffre Phillips, Robert J. Marino, Gary Moran, Joseph Zimmerman (scavengers)
Gordon Capps, Jack Barrett Phelan, Steven Michael, Todd James, Eric Gordon, Tom Fellon, Marklen Kennedy (Apex robots)

Alternative Titles

A.P.E.X. – alternate title
APEX: Protypi monada exontosis – Greece (video)
Армия машин – Russia
超時空兵団APEX – Japan



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