The Yesterday Machine (1963)

USA, 1963
85m, black and white
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Russ Marker.

Plot Summary

A Nazi scientist uses a time machine to try to change the outcome of World War II.


Directed by: Russ Marker
Written by: Russ Marker
Carter Film Productions
Executive Producer: Dan W. Holloway
Produced by: Russ Marker
Director of Photography: Ralph K. Johnson
Music: Don Zimmers
Sound Engineer: Nick Nicholas
Wardrobe: Wm. D. Beckham [real name: David Beckham]
Make-up: Marcia Fox
Hair Stylist: Wm. D. Beckham [real name: David Beckham]
Art Director: Robert Dracup

Tim Holt (Police Lt. Partane)
James Britton (Jim Crandall)
Jack Herman (Professor Ernest Von Hauser)
Ann Pellegrino (Sandy De Mar)
Robert Kelly (Detective Lasky)
Linda Jenkins (Margie De Mar)
Carol Gilley (blonde nurse)
Jay Ramsey (Howie Ellison)
Bill Thurman (police detective)
Charles Young (Doctor Wilson D. Blake)
Olga Powell (Didiyama)
Bob Brown
Marvin Seabright
Lee Arthur
Joseph ‘Pat’ Cranshaw
Charles McLine
Robert Peel
Carolyn Adams
James L. Howe
Frank Cole


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