Body Snatchers (1993)

35mm film, Arriscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
Dolby SR, English

An American science fiction film directed by Abel Ferrara.

Plot Summary

Teenager Marti Malone and her family arrive at a military base where her father is to inspect toxic waste. But it gradually becomes clear that the base is being overrun by who possess human bodies as they sleep.


Directed by: Abel Ferrara
© 1993 Warner Bros.
Dorset Productions/Robert H. Solo Productions
Producer: Robert H. Solo
Screenplay by: Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli, Nicholas St. John
Screen Story: Raymond Cistheri, Larry Cohen
Novel: The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney
Director of Photography: Bojan Bazelli
Editor: Anthony Redman
Music by: Joe Delia
Production Sound Mixer: Michael Barosky
Costume Designer: Margaret Mohr
Make Up: Joe Cuervo
Hair Designer: Cydney Cornell
Special Make Up Effects: Barney Burman, Jake Garber, Brian Penikas, Thomas R. Burman, Bari Dreiband-Burman
Production Designer: Peter Jamison

Gabrielle Anwar (Marti Malone)
Terry Kinney (Steve Malone)
Billy Wirth (Tim Young)
Christine Elise (Jenn Platt)
R. Lee Ermey (General Platt)
G. Elvis Phillips (Pete)
Reilly Murphy (Andy Malone)
Kathleen Doyle (Mrs Platt)
Forest Whitaker (Major Collins)
Meg Tilly (Carol Malone)
Stanley Small (Platt's aide)
Tonea Stewart (teacher)
Keith Smith (soldier at gas station)
Winston E. Grant (gas attendant)
Phil Neilson (MP gate captain)
Timothy P. Brown (MP #1)
Thurman L. Combs (MP #2)

Alternative Titles

Body Snatchers – Angriff der Körperfresser – Germany
Body Snatchers – Die Invasion lebt fort – Germany
Body Snatchers – Die Körperfresser kommen – Germany
Body snatchers – invasionen fortsätter – Sweden
Body Snatchers, l'invasion continue – France
Invasores de Corpos, Os – A Invasão Continua – Brazil
Parazit – Turkey
Plishut Hotfay Ha-Goofote – Israel
Secuestradores de cuerpos – Spain
Tatovi teles – Slovenia
Testrablók – Hungary
Ultracorpi – l'invasione continua – Italy
Usurpadores de cuerpos – Argentina
Violadores: A Invasão Continua – Portugal

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