Alternative 3 (1977)

UK, 20 June [originally scheduled for 1 April 1977]
16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
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A British television science fiction special directed by Christopher Miles. It takes the form of a “fake documentary” and was originally planned to be the last episode of the documentary series Science Report, due for broadcast on 1 April 1977. Industrial action caused it to be delayed until 20 June but an announcer acknowledged the original planned broadcast date over the end credits.

Plot Summary

As the global collapses, a team of television uncovers a plot by the world's governments which involves the abduction of top . Their investigations are initiated by the accidental death of courier who was carrying a tape apparently containing a top secret radio broadcast from an unmanned probe…


Directed by: Christopher Miles
[copyright not given on screen]
An Anglia production
Devised by: David Ambrose and Christopher Miles
Executive Producer: John Woolf
Produced by: John Rosenberg
Associate Producer: Robert Bell
Written by: David Ambrose
Lighting Cameraman: Ian Craig
Camera Operator: Richard Crafter
Film Editor: Michael O'Halloran
Music Composed by: Brian Eno
Sound Recordist: Dennis Arundell
Dubbing Mixer: Charles Earl
Designed by: Terry Ackland-Snow
Graphics by: Colin Baldwin
Scientific Adviser: Arthur Garrett
Casting Director: Jenia Reissar

Tom Brinton as himself
Gregory Munroe (Colin Benson)
Carol Hazell (Katherine White)
Shane Rimmer (Bob Grodin)
Richard Marner (Dr Carl Gerstein)
David Baxt (Harry)
Alec Linstead (Professor Broadbent)
Norman Chancer (Charles Welbourne)
Anthony Roye (Robert Hendry)
Patsy Trench (Dr Ann Clarke)
Phoebe Nicholls (Harry's girlfriend)
Ivor Roberts (George Pendlebury)
Linda Cunningham (Annie)
Nancy Adams (Doreen Patterson)
Jonathan Hieatt-Smith (man in laboratory)
Alice Wade (Mrs Pendlebury)

Alternative Titles

Science Report
Science Report: Alternative 3


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