Altered States (1980)

USA, 1980
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American science fiction film directed by Ken Russell. Production began on 23 March 1979 1Variety 11 April 1979 p.34

Plot Summary

Scientist Dr Eddie Jessop subjects himself to all manner of bizarre experiments in an effort to achieve another state of consciousness. While his bemused wife Emily and their kids struggle to deal with what he’s doing, Jessop experiments with a sensory deprivation tank and takes hallucinogenic drugs in his obsessive quest for the meaning of it all. Eventually, he succeeds in regressing to an ape man and beyond, climaxing in a bizarre confrontation with the Absolute at the very birth of the universe.


Directed by: Ken Russell
©: 1980 Warner Bros. Inc.
Warner Bros. Pictures. Distributed by Warner Bros.
Executive Producer: Daniel Melnick
Produced by: Howard Gottfried
Written for the Screen by: Sidney Aaron [real name: Paddy Chayevsky]
From the Novel Altered States by: Paddy Chayevsky
Screenplay © 1980 Warner Bros. Inc.
Director of Photography: Jordan Cronenweth
Film Editor: Eric Jenkins
Music by: John Corigliano
Sound Mixer: Willie Burton
Costumes Designed by: Ruth Myers
Makeup Man: Michael Hancock
Hair Stylist: Dione Taylor-Demsky
Special Makeup: Dick Smith
Special Effects: Chuck Gaspar
Special Visual Effects: Brian Ferren
Production Designer: Richard McDonald

William Hurt (Eddie Jessup)
Blair Brown (Emily Jessup)
Bob Balaban (Arthur Rosenberg)
Charles Haid (Mason Parrish)
Thaao Penghilis (Eccheverria)
Dori Brenner (Sylvia Rosenberg)
Miguel Godreau (primal man)
Peter Brandon (Hobart)
Charles White Eagle (the brujo)
Frank McCarthy (Obispo)
Deborah Baltzell (schizophrenic patient)
George Gaynes (Dr Wissenschaft)
Jack Murdock (Hector Orteco)
Drew Barrymore (Margaret Jessup)
Megan Jeffers (Grace Jessup)
Evan Richards (young Rosenberg)
Hap Lawrence (endocrinology fellow)
John Walter Davis (medical technician)
Cynthia Burr (Parrish’s girl)

Alternative Titles

Anexelengtes katastaseis – Greek title
Au-delà du réel – French title
Der Höllentrip – West German title
Eksperimentet – Danish, Norwegian title
Estados alterados – Argentine, Mexican, Peruvian, Venezuelan title
Experimentet – Swedish title
Förändrade tillstånd – Swedish Finnish title
Gerçegin Ötesinde – Turkish title
Korenine prividov – Slovenian title
Muutostiloja – Finnish title
Odmienne stany swiadomosci – Polish title
Stati di allucinazione – Italian title
Tocht door de geest – Flemish Belgian title
Változó állapotok – Hungarian title
Viagens Alucinantes – Brazilian, Portuguese title
Viaje alucinante al fondo de la mente – Spanish title


Variety 10 December 1980 p.30, 32
“Russell has downplayed much of Chayefsky’s heady philosophy by having the actors, especially Hurt, rattle off their jargon-laden speeches at breakneck speed. In fact, the thesps’ tendency to declaim or shout is the film’s weakest element. Countering this defect are the film’s impressive visual hallucinations, akin to the “ultimate trip” light-shows in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Shattering use of Dolby stereo effects conspires with the images to give the viewer a vicarious LSD type experience sans drugs. While not for all tastes, this aspect of the pic should win over the youth audience. Film’s action scenes are also potent, with Eric Jenkins’ top-notch editing bringing it all in at under 100 minutes. Dick Smith’s makeup is outstanding, and combines with the physical agility of Miguel Godreau as the apeman to suspend disbelief during the most outrageous horror scenes. […] A newcomer to films, classical composer John Corigliano has penned an atonal score which more than holds its own amidst a barrage of sound effects. Effects men and the whole technical crew deserve kudos, including cameraman Jordan Cronenweth for his lighting and tracking. Their combined efforts should zap audiences with a theatrical film experience they can’t get at home.” – from a review by Lor.


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