Violent Summer (1975)

65m, 2082 feet/635 metres
16mm film, colour

A British science fiction film directed by Matthew Chapman.

Plot Summary

In the near future, the extremist The New British Party has seizes control of the UK. Against a backdrop of violence and repression, the relationship between a young designer and his girlfriend comes under intolerable pressure.


Director: Matthew Chapman
Matthew Chapman Productions, Simon Clarke Productions
Executive Producer: Simon Clarke
Producer: Matthew Chapman
Production: Caroline Hagen
Written by: Matthew Chapman
Photography: David G. Griffiths
Stills Photography: Ken Griffiths, Gillian Keightley, Angela Gorgas
Editor: Alex Denholm
Sound: John Sanders
Dubbing: Tony Anscombe
Make-up: Merle Benson, Christine Skivens
Assistants: Paul Elliot, Jerry Lively, Jeff Baynes

Bruce Robinson
Deborah Norton
Guy Wooley
Michael Worsley
Robert Longden
Mrs Smith
John Riches
Martin Kenzie
James Cornford
John Labanowski
Mark Aldiss
Larry Jiver
Wil Ianson
Janet Amsden
Jim Ryder
Noel Davis (radio voice)
Douglas Cameron (radio voice)
John Labanowski (radio voice)


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