Vamp (1986)

mono, English

An American horror film directed by Richard Wenk.

Plot Summary

A pair of college boys venture out to a sleazy bar in search of for a party and get themselves into all sorts of trouble – not only do they have a run in with a biker gang but with the staff of the bar, all of who turn out to be


Director: Richard Wenk
Baker Films, New World Pictures, Balcor Film Investors
Producer: Donald P. Borchers
Associate Producer: Susan Gelb
Script: Richard Wenk
Story: Donald P. Borchers, Richard Wenk
Director of Photography: Elliot Davis
Editor: Marc Grossman
Music: Jonathan Elias
Sound Mixers: Mark Ulano, Jan Brodin
Costume Designer: Betty Pecha Madden
Make Up Supervisor: Pamela S. Westmore
Hair: Frankie Campbell, Kay Cole
Special Make Up Effects: Greg Cannom, Makeup & Effects Laboratories
Special Effects: Image Engineering Inc, Peter Chesney, Jarn Heil, Tom Chesney, Chris Chesney, Joseph Viskocil
Production Designer: Alan Roderick-Jones

Chris Makepeace (Keith)
Sandy Baron (Vic)
Robert Rusler (AJ)
Dedee Pfeiffer (Amaretto)
Gedde Watanabe (Duncan)
Grace Jones (Katrina)
Billy Drago (Snow)
Brad Logan (Vlad)
Lisa Lyon (Cimmaron)
Jim Boyle (fraternity leader)
Larry Spinak, Eric Welch, Stuart Rogers (students)
Gary Swailes (sock salesman)
Ray Ballard (coffee shop proprietor)
Pauntia Nichols (Maven)
Trudel Williams (Dragon girl)
Marlon McGann (hard hat)
Thomas Bellin (Shorty)
Bryan McGuire (pool player)
Leila Hee Olson (Seko)
Hilarly Carlip (Jett)

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