Primitif (1980)

87m (UK), 90m
mono, Indonesian
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An Indonesian horror film directed by Sisworo Gautama.

Plot Summary

Three on an expedition with their tutor in the Indonesian rain forest are captured by a primitive stone-age tribe after their boat capsizes. Unfortunately for them, The tribe still practices


Director: Sisworo Gautama
© [not given on screen]
Rapi Films
Executive Producer: Gope T. Samtani
Producer: Sabirin Kasdani
Story and Screenplay: Iman Tantowi
Director of Photography: Leo Ficole
Editor: E. Muksin Hamzah
Music: Gatot Sudarto
Sound: Ibnu Hassan
Costume Designer: Henry Farrel
Make-Up: Asriel, TettyDaldiri
Art Director: Darsono

Enny Haryono (Rika) [not credited on German DVD print]
Barry Prima (Amri) [not credited on German DVD print]
Johann Mardjono (Tommy) [not credited on German DVD print]
Rukman Herman (Bisma) [not credited on German DVD print]
Jafar Pree York
Yayuk Suseno
Novita Rully
Yostienne S. Rais
Michael Kelly
Ringga Takengon
Belkiez Rahman
Niniek Maria Yudhistira
Ita Augusta
Mintarsiah Hadhrishma
Boy Anzai
Diana M.S.
Dora S

Alternative Titles

Apodrasi ap' tous kannivalous – video title
Caníbales – Mexico
Drapetefsa ap' tous kannivalous – Greece (re-release)
Horror caníbal 2 – Mexico (video)
L'île de l'enfer-cannibales – France
Kravgi thanatou sti spilia ton kannivalon – Greece
Mondo Cannibale – die Menschenfresser – Austria
Nas Garras dos Canibais – Portugal
Primitiv – Italy
De Primitiva – Sweden (video)
Primitives – English language, Norway
Los Primitivos – Spain
Savage Terror – UK
Der Todesschrei der Kannibalen – West Germany



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