Blood Bride (1979)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert J. Avrech.

Plot Summary

Thirty-something secretary Marie falls for one of her boss's clients, book dealer John McPherson. It soon becomes clear that John has been traumatised by an earlier sexual encounter and has developed a sadomasochistic obsession with Sister Mary, a nun he knew as a child and now seeks out women who look her to abuse them. Marie is to become his latest victim…


Directed by: Robert J. Avrech
© MCMLXXIX [1979] Snow Bound Productions Inc.
Production Companies: A Richard M. Spitalny production of a Robert J. Avrech film. In association with Sound One Corporation
Produced by: Richard M. Spitalny
Written by: Robert J. Avrech
Director of Photography: Bob Baldwin
Editor: Rich Shaine
Music by: Carey Gold
Sound Recordist: Jane Landis
Costumes & Wardrobe: H. Hartley Platt
Make-Up/Hair: Lyzanne

Ellen Barber
Philip English
Sam Gray
Bobo Lewis
Jocelyn Javits (Sister Mary/Mrs McPherson)
Rita Fliegel (prostitute)
Noah Parks (young McPherson)
Rufus Smith (Father Thomas)
Joseph Sullivan (Henry Stern)
Trude Stone (nun at wedding)

Alternative Titles

Death of a Nun
Noces en enfer – Canada (French)



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