On Edge (1998)

DTS, English

A British short horror film directed by Frazer Lee.

Plot Summary

A businessman, Thurlow, visits his dentist without an appointment and has to wait. But Thurlow gets bored of waiting and decides to leave, bumping into the mysterious Doctor Matthews who claims to be able to help cure his toothache – but he's going to get a lot more than he bargained for…


Director: Frazer Lee
Robber Baron Productions Ltd
Executive Producer: Karl Harrison
Producer: Joseph Alberti
Co-Producer: Juliet Naylor
Production Manager: David Higginson
Script: Frazer Lee
Short Story: Christopher Fowler
1st Assistant Director: Aidan Quinn
2nd Assistant Director: David Calland
Director of Photography: Alan W. Stewart
Focus Puller: Tammo van Hoorn
Editor: Rudolf Buitendach
Music: Dooj
Sound Recordist: Stefan Baldini
Boom Operator: Kurt Rowe
Costume Designer: Suzanne Barnes
Make Up/Hair: Andrea Fone
Special Make Up Effects/Prosthetics: Bob Keen
Special Effects: Image Animation
Image Animation Crew: Martin Astles, Dave Bonneywell
Art Director: Pawlo Wintoniuk
Art Department: Liz Chamber, Claire Jenkins, Sandra Phillips, Marianne Wie

Doug Bradley (Doctor Matthews)
Charley Boorman (Peter Thurlow)
Beth Murray (receptionist)
Justin Baldwin
Christopher Fowler