Blood Tracks (1985)

35mm film, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Mats Olsson using the name Mike Jackson.

Plot Summary

A young mother living with her family in a remote shack is attacked by her drunken husband who she, in turn, murders. She flees into the night with her sons and disappears. Forty years later, the family have been in hiding and now have learned that “intruders are on their way.” They turn out to be Solid Gold, a Heavy Metal band who arrive to shoot part of their new video. The family has been living in a deserted power station and, having become , start slaughtering the band and their entourage after a series of cuts them off from the outside world.


Director: Mike Jackson [real name: Mats Olsson]
Associate Director: Derek Ford
© Smart Egg Pictures MCMLXXXV [1985]
George Zecevic presents a Smart Egg picture
Executive Producer: George Zecevic [Zecezid on UK video sleeve]
Producer: Tom Sjoberg [Fjoberg on UK video sleeve]
Script: Mike Jackson [real name: Mats Olsson], Anna Wolf
Director of Photography: Hans Von Dittmer
Editor: David Gilbert
Music: Dag Unenge
Sound Mixer: Hans-Eric Ahrn
Wardrobe Supervisor: Madeleine Bruzélius
Make-up: Lotte Heise, Gunnilla Kalkvist
Special Make Up Effects: Dick Ljunggren
Special Effects: Mike Jackson, Dick Ljunggren
Locations: Funäsdalen, Jämtlands län, Sweden

Jeff Harding (John)
Naomi Kaneda (Suzie)
Michael Fitzpatrick (Bob)
Brad Powell
Peter Merrill
Harriet Robinson
Tina Shaw
Frances Kelly
Karina Lee
Helena Jacks
Easy Action
Lotte Heise
Zin Zan
Chris Lynn
Alex Tyrone
Freddie Van Gerber
Kee Marcello
Filippa Silverstolpe
Frederick Offrein
Torsten Wahlund

Alternative Titles

Estela de sangre – Spanish title
Heavy Metal – alternative title

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