Metempsyco (1963)

35mm film, black and white, 1.85:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Antonio Boccaci using the pseudonym Anthony Kristye.

Plot Summary

A dreams that she is the of a dead countess and is taken to a village near the castle where the countess used to live. She meets a reporter who is inevestigationg a series of murders committed by a deformed monster in his chamber.


Directed by: Anthony Kristye [real name: Antonio Boccaci]
© MCMLXV [1965] by Film Development Corporation [US version only, as Tomb of Torture]
Produced by: Frank Campitelli [real name: Francesco Campitelli]
Screenplay by: Anthony Kristye [real name: Antonio Boccaci], Johnny Seemonell [real name: Giorgio Simonelli]
From an Original Story by: Anthony Kristye [real name: Antonio Boccaci]
Director of Photography: William Grace [real name: Francesco Campitelli]
Editor: Jean Pierre Grasset
Music by: Armando Sciascia
Sound Recording: Johnny Harold
Costumes: House of Werther
Trick Photography: Patt Collins

Annie Albert [real name: Annie Alberti] [Anna Darnell/Countess Irene]
Thony Maky [real name: Adriano Micantoni] [Dr Darnell]
Mark Marian [real name: Marco Mariani] [George Dickson]
Elizabeth Queen [real name: Flora Carosello] [Countess Elizabeth]
William Gray [real name: Antonio Boccaci] [Raman]
Bernard Blay
Emy Eko [real name: Emy Eco] [Esther]
Terry Thompson [Cathy]
Fred Pizzot

Alternative Titles

Die Bestie von Schloß Monte Christo – West Germany
Le manoir maudit – France
Metempsyhosis – Greece
Tomb of Torture – USA

Extracts included in
Out of this World Super Shock Show (2007)



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