La cripta e l’incubo (1963)

Spain, Italy,
80m (France), 82m, 84m (UK), 85m (Germany), 92m, 2,329 metres
35mm film, VistaVision, black and white, 1.96:1
mono, Italian

A Spanish/Italian horror film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque using the pseudonym Thomas Miller.

Plot Summary

Count Karnstein's daughter Laura is sick and her nurse believes her to be possessed by , a long-dead ancestor.


Director: Thomas Miller [real name: Camillo Mastrocinque]
Hispamer Films P.C., MEC Cinematografica
Executive Producers: Samuel Z. Arkoff, James H. Nicholson
Producer: William Mulligan
Production Manager: Hector Corey
Production Supervisor: Marcel Harrett
Script: Julian Berry [real name: Ernesto Gastaldi], José Luis Monter, Robert Bohr [real name: Bruno Valeri], Tonino Valeri
Story: Julian Berry [real name: Ernesto Gastaldi], María del Carmen Martínez Román, Tonino Valeri
Novel: Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu
Assistant Director: Bruno Valeri
Script Girl: Piper Samson
Directors of Photography: Giuseppe Aquari, Julio Ortas
Camera Operator: Noel Lardner
Editor: Herbert Mark
Music: Herbert Buchman, Carlo Savina
Conductors: James Munchen, Carlo Savina
Costume Designer: Milosz
Make Up: Joe Carlin
Art Director: Demos Vilos

Adriana Ambesi (Laura)
Ignazio Balsamo
James Bright-Oman
Carla Calò
José Campos
Lee Campos
Benito Carif
Benito Carifi
Cicily Clayton
Nela Conjiu
José Cortés
Billy Curtis
Ursula Davis (Lyuba)
Christopher Lee (Count Ludwig Karnstein)
Angela Minervini
Véra Valmont
Rafael Vaquero
José Villasante

Alternative Titles

La cripta e l'incubo
– Italy
The Crypt and the Nightmare
Crypt of Horror – UK title
The Crypt of the Vampire
La crypte du vampire – French title
The Curse of the Karnsteins
The Karnstein Curse
La maldición de los Karnstein
La maledizione dei Karnstein
– Italy
Terror in the Crypt
The Vampire's Crypt



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