Contagion (1987)

Australia, 1987
35mm film, colour

An Australian horror film directed by Karl Zwicky.


Director: Karl Zwicky
Premiere Film Marketing Ltd, Reef Films
Executive Producer: Tom Broadbridge
Producers: Ken Methold, Leo Barretto
Associate Producer: Richard Rooker
Script: Ken Methold
1st Assistant Director: David Munro
Director of Photography: John Stokes
Editor: Ray Mason
Music: Frank Strangio
Sound Recordist: Ian Grant
Sound Editors: John Dennison, Tony Vaccher
Costume Designer: Margarita Tassone
Production Designer: Richard Rooker
Locations: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Queensland, Australia

John Doyle (Mark)
Nicola Bartlett (Cheryl)
Ray Barrett (Bael)
Nathalie Gaffney (Cleo)
Pamela Hawkesford (Helen)
Jacqueline Brennan (Trish)
Chris Betts (Alec)
Reg Cameron (Henry)
Michael Simpson (Frank)
Allen Harvey (doctor)
Donna Jan Newby (hitchhiker)

Alternative Titles

West Coast Horror – West Germany



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