City of Blood (1987)

South Africa, 1987
35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, English

A South African horror film directed by Darrell Roodt.

Plot Summary

A serial killer is stalking Johannesburg murdering prostitutes with a spiked club and daubing a macabre picture at the scene with their blood. Medical examiner Joe Hendersen investigates but finds himself up against official opposition.


Director: Darrell Roodt
© Blood City Film (Pty) Ltd, 1987
Lakeshore Entertainment. Anant Singh presents. A Darrell Roodt movie
Producer: Anant Singh
Associate Producer: Les Volpe
Screenplay: Darrell Roodt, Mary-Ann Lindenstadt
Director of Photography: Paul Witte
Editor: David Heitner
Music: Lloyd Ross
Sound Recorder: Conrad Kübne
Wardrobe Mistress: Lindsay Coates
Make Up Artist: Gabi Molnar
London Post Production Title Design: Charles Long
Art Direction: Hazel Crampton, David Barkham
Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa
Casting by: Nathan Helman

Joe Stewardson (Joe Hendersen)
Ian Yule (Max Wharton)
Ken Gampu (black leader)
Susan Coetzer (Abigail)
Gys De Villiers (Stoltz)
Greg Latter (Sergeant Phillips)
John Carson (Prime Minister)
Liz Dick (Claire Hendersen)
Dudu Nkhize (Elizabeth Mekana)
Sean Tyaylor (pimp)
Megan Kruskal (Marina)
Norman Coombes (Professor Horner)
Charles Comyn (Sheriff)
Robin Singh (Howard)
Morrison Gampu (old black man)
Abigail Kubeka (Maureen)
Lynne White (Wharton’s wife)
Sheena Stannard (woman in dream)
Nicky Rebelo (man in dream)
Bentley Nkomonde (union leader)

Alternative Titles

Cidade de Sangue – Brazil

Cast Gallery


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