Claws (1977)

35mm film, Todd-AO 35, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Richard Bansbach and Robert E. Pierson.

Plot Summary

A grizzly bear wounded by goes on the rampage in an Alaskan national forest. A group of men set out to find and kill it before it can kill any more people.


Directed by: Richard Bansbach and Robert E. Pierson
©: MCMLXXVII [1977] by Pictures
Alaska Pictures presents
Produced by: Chuck D. Keen
Written by: Chuck D. Keen and Brian Russell
Photographed by: Chuck D. Keen
Edited by: Dick Bansbach
Music by: Gene Kaver, Douglas Lackey
Sound Man: Al Ramirez
Wardrobe: Pat Bergey

Jason Evers (Jason Monroe)
Leon Ames (Commissioner [Ben Jones])
Anthony Caruso (Henry [Chico])
Carla Layton (Chris [Monroe])
Glenn Sipes (Howard)
Buck Young (pilot)
Myron Healey (Sheriff [Drake])
Buck Monroe (Buck Monroe)
Wayne Lonacre (Gil Evans)
Bill Ratcliffe (Marshal)
Brian Russell (local reporter)
Randy Carr (radio operator)
Bob Pierson (TV reporter)
Joe Shaw (TV cameraman)
Marvin Borgmier, Kevin Mielbeck, Andy Anderson, Galen Tromble, John Bansbach (the hunters)
Vinnie Mastese, Pattie Griggs, Samuela Conneen, Marie Tilson, Joyce Voock (Capt. Nemo and His All Girl Band)
Byron Quinn, David Bruce, Scott Brice, Billy Ratcliffe, Timothy Ratcliffe, Stephen Bandirola, David Bandirola, Ramon Isturis (boy scouts)

Alternative Titles

Devil Bear
I ekdikisi tis arkoudas – Greece
Grizzly – ihmissyöjäkarhu – Finland
Pazury – Poland

See also
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