Grizzly (1976)

USA, 1976
35mm film, Todd-AO 35, colour, 2.35:1
Dolby, English

An American horror film directed by William Girdler.

Plot Summary

An eighteen foot tall killer Grizzly bear goes on the rampage in a North American National Park, attacking campers and hikers. Head Ranger Michael Kelly wants to hunt the creature down but is blocked by the bureaucratic Park Supervisor. Eventually, as the bear continues is slaughter, Kelly decides to ignore orders and hires a naturalist to track and sedate the bear. But when the naturalist is killed, Kelly decides enough is enough and finally sets out to kill the beast.


* = uncredited

Directed by: William Girdler
Copyright MCMLXXVI [1976] Film Ventures International
Edward L. Montoro presents a William Girdler film. A Film Ventures International release
Executive Producer: Edward L. Montoro
Produced by: David Sheldon, Harvey Flaxman
Associate Producer: Lee S. Jones Jr.
Screenplay by: Harvey Flaxman, David Sheldon; Andrew Prine [Indian story] *
Novel: Will Collins *
Director of Photography: William Asman
Edited by: Bub Asman
Music by: Robert O. Ragland
Location Sound Recorder: John Asman
Costume Supervisor: Kathy Blalock
Make-up: Gene Witham
Special Effects: Phil Corey

Christopher George (Kelly)
Andrew Prine (Don)
Richard Jaeckel (Scott)
Joan McCall (Allison)
Joe Dorsey (Kittridge)
Charles Kissinger (Dr Hallitt)
Kermit Echols (Corwin)
Tom Arcuragi (Tom)
Vicki Johnson (Gail)
Catherine Rickman (June)
David Holt (lone hunter)
Maryann Hearn (Margaret)
Susan Orpin (mother)
Mike Clifford (Pat)
Brian Robinson (Bobby)
Sandra Dorsey (Sally)
Amos Gillespie (ranger)
Gene Witham (Harry)
David Newton (Mike)
Mike Gerschefski (George)
Harvey Flaxman (reporter)

Alternative Titles

Killer Grizzly – US TV title

A sequel, Grizzly II: The Predator (1985) was shot in 1985 but never officially released. In 2007 a bootleg version, taken from a workprint, was released.

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