45 Minutes from Hollywood (1926)

35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

An American comedy film with a single brief fantasy sequence directed by Fred Guiol. Though the film features Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy they don't share any on-screen time together. The bulk of the shoot took place in 1925, with reshoots between March and April 1926. It was first released in the USA in December 1926/

Plot Summary

A California family are about to be evicted and are forced to make a trip to to catch up on their rent payments. Once there they see in the Hollywood Hills, mistake a film being made for a bank robbery and end up in a hotel.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Fred Guiol
Hal Roach Studios
Produced by: Hal Roach
Written by: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker

Glenn Tryon (Orville)
Charlotte Mineau (Orville's mother)
Rube Clifford [real name: Jack Rube Clifford] (Orville's grandpa)
Sue O'Neil [real name: Sally O'Neil] (Orville's sister)
Oliver Hardy (hotel detective)
Edna Murphy (Em, hotel detective's wife)
Jerry Mandy (imbibing trashman)
Claude Gillingwater [old man in hotel bed] *
Al Hallett *
Ed Brandenburg *, Monte Collins *, Janet Gaynor *, Jack Hill *, Ham Kinsey [hotel guests] *
Stan Laurel [starving actor, hotel guest] *
Tiny Sandford [train conductor] *

Alternative Titles

45 minut z Hollywood – Polish title
45 минут от Голливуда – Soviet Russian title
A 45 minuti da Hollywood – Italian title
Her House Sheik – working title
Väter der Klamotte: Diese Dame ist ein Kerl – West German television title

Extracts included in
Laurel and Hardy's Laughing 20's (1965)


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