Avalon (1988)

UK, 1989
16mm film, colour

A British fantasy film directed by Michael J. Murphy.

Plot Summary

Owen rescues Clotilde from a band of and helps her to rescue her lover who is being held captive by the evil Morgana.


A film by Michael J. Murphy
© Film & Video
Michael J. Murphy presents a film by Michael J. Murphy
Produced by: Jeanne Griffin
Production Manager: Don Styler
Screenplay by: Carl Humphries
Continuity: Bonita Bradford
Director of Photography: Michael Melsack
Camera Assistant: Dempster McBain
Gaffer: Stephen Moore
Editor: Alexander Stern
Music by: Mark Thomas
Sound: Tony Pitcher
Sound Effects: William Stote
Costumes: Joy Barten
Make-up: Marina Lee
Hairstyles: Otto Campbell
Special Effects: Matthew Johns
Production Design: Joyce Bernard
Construction Crew: Steve Sexton, Mat Styler, Barry Atkins
Accounts: Penny Griffiths
Transportation: Steve Butt
Catering: Brian Hill
Stunts: Matthew Gilham, Joe Black

Patrick Olliver (Merlin)
Stephen Harris (Owen)
Debbi Stevens (Morgana)
Rob Bartlett (Keiran)
Abigail Blackmore (Clotilde)
Craig Hiller (Edwin/creature)
June Bunday (Elvina)
Phil Lyndon (Cerdic)
Steve Longhurst (Altar)
Kate Kneafsey (Althea)
Jon Morgan (druid priest)
Catherine Rowlands (lady of lake)
Marina Bolton (Edina)
Denise Burden (Cara)
Rob Peacock (warrior)
Gaye Sizer
Sue Moore
Elise Meldrum
Debbie Beech
John Copeland
Dave Lyndon
Ian Godwin
Julie Sher
Steve Moore