Arthur’s Quest (1999)


An American fantasy film directed by Neil Mandt.

Plot Summary

To save him from the evil Morgana, Merlin sends the young King Arthur forward through time until he arrives in late twentieth century America. Ten years later, Merlin arrives to bring him back but finds that Arthur is now a popular 15-year-old who doesn't want to go home. With Morgana searching for Excalibur, Merlin must convince the young Arthur to return home and save the day.


Director: Neil Mandt
Contemporary Versions Inc
Executive Producers: Hank Paul, Dorothy Koster
Supervising Producer: Michael Fischler
Producer: Steven Paul
Co-Producer: Patrick Ewald
Line Producer: Nanda Rao
Script: Gregory Poppen, Clint Hutchison, Lance W. Dreesen
Director of Photography: Anton Floquet
Editor: Paul Tarantino
Music: Erik Lundmark
Sound Supervisor: Paul Ratajczak
Costume Designer: Eric Diamond
Make Up: Julianne Kaye
Visual Effects: Rod Schumacher
Production Designer: Deren P. Abram

Arye Gross (Merlin)
Alexandra Paul (Caitlin Regal)
Catherine Oxenberg (Morgana)
Clint Howard (Mr Whitney)
Eric Christian Olsen (Arthur)
Katie Johnston (Gwen)
Zach Galligan (Pendragon)
Brion James (Trent)
Robby Seager (baby Arthur)
Bonnie Paul (Mrs Frays)
Gregory Poppen (thug)
Diane Hill (Hilda)

Alternative Titles

König Artus in L.A. – German television title