A*P*E (1976)

USA, South Korea,
35mm film, , colour, 2.00:1
mono, English

An American/South Korean fantasy film directed by Paul Leder.

Plot Summary

A 36-foot-tall gorilla escapes from a ship carrying it to the States and comes ashore in Korea where it goes on the rampage. It eventually comes upon a movie set where an American production company are shooting their latest production. The ape abducts the leading lady and makes off with her, heading for the capital city Seoul.


Director: Paul Leder
Lee Ming Film Co
Producers: K.M. Yeung, Paul Leder
Script: Reuben A. Leder, Paul Leder
Directors of Photography: Tony Francis, Daniel L. Symmes
Editor: Paul Leder
Music: Bruce MacRae
Sound: Nebuer Redel 1real name: Reuben Leder., Alvin Lee
Special Effects: Park Kwang Nam
Art Director: Lee Bong Sun

Rod Arrants (Tom Rose)
Joanne de Verona 2real name: Joanna Kerns.(Marilyn Baker)
Alex Nicol (Colonel Davis)
Lee Nak Hoon (Francis Lee on some prints) (Captain Kim)
Woo Yoin Jang (Alice Woo on some prints) (Mrs Kim)
Jerry Harke (Lt Smith)
Charles Johnson, Larry Chandler (freighter mates)
J.J. Gould (American soldier in jeep)
Paul Leder Credited as Joseph P. Hill on the US video sleeve.[/mfn] (Dino)
Bob Kurcz (Greg)
Choi Sung Kwan (Mr Sung)

Alternative Titles

Ape – alternative title
Attack of the Giant Horny Gorilla
Hideous Mutant
– 3D version title
King gorila contra tiburon – Spanish title
King Kong Revient! – French title
The New King Kong – early title
Super Kong – Italian title

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