Queen Kong (1977)

UK, France, West Germany, 1976
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British/French/West German fantasy film directed by Frank Agrama.

Plot Summary

An expedition to a remote island discovers a giant female gorilla which they ship back to London. It escapes captivity and goes on the rampage.


Director: Frank Agrama
© ‘Queen Kong’ MCMLXXVII [1977]
Andre Genovese presents a Dexter Film production. Les Films la Boétie [credited on French prints only]. Cine-Art München [credited on German prints only]
Executive Producer: Keith Cavele
Production Executive: Basil Keys
Production Manager: Paul Cowan
Screenplay: Frank Agrama & Ron Dobrin
Assistant Directors: Paul Fisher, Franco Cirino
Director of Photography: Ian Wilson
Camera Operator: Ian Millar
Focus Puller: Gerry Sandler
Camera Assistant: Ahmed Agrama
Editor: David Campling
Music Composed & Played by: Pepper
Lyrics: Ron Dobrin
Arranger: Tony Mimms
Publisher: CAM, Rome, Italy
Sound Mixer: Aubrey Lewis
Dubbing Mixer: Gerry Humphreys
Dubbing Editor: Peter Horrocks
Re-recording: Twickenham Studios, England
Wardrobe Supervisor: Joyce Stoneman
Make Up Artiste: Bunty Phillips
Hairdresser: Bobbie Smith
Optical Special Effects Director: Jon Rees
Art Director: David Brockhurst
Construction Manager: Charlie Simmons
Choreographer: Gillian Gregory
Technical Facilities: Television International, London
Locations: England, UK *
Filmed at: Shepperton Studio Centre, Shepperton, Middlesex, England, UK
Special Location Facilities: Tuctonia Ltd, Christchurch, Hants; Cresta Marine, Newhaven
Casting: Miriam Brickman

Robin Askwith (Ray Faye)
Rula Lenska (Luce Habit)
Valerie Leon
Roger Hammond
John Clive
Carol Drinkwater
Brian Godfrey
Anthony Morton
Fiona Curzon
Stanley Platts
Linda Hayden as the singing nun
Barbara Allen, Suzie Arthur, Lela Babbick, Melita Clarke, Jeannie Collings, Kathryn Hayes, Annette Lynton, Vicki Michelle, Trudi Van Doorne (crew girls)
Chai Lee, Eva Louise, Tawny Sands (native guides)
Marianne Morris [crew girl] *
Anna Bergman, Marta Gillot [native girls] *

Alternative Titles

Queen Gorilla – Austrian title

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Production Notes

On completion, the film was held up at the Kay Laboratories in London who gave an undertaking to the High Court not to release any prints or negatives after the producers were sued for copyright infringement by De Laurentiis Corporation and RKO General Inc on 19 January 1977 1Screen International no.71 (22 January 1977) p.4. Proceedings against Kay were eventually dropped in early March 2Screen International no.77 (5 March 1977) p.3.


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