Amazons (1986)

USA, Argentina,
35mm film, colour
stereo, English
Reviewed at The

An American fantasy film directed by Alex Sessa.

Plot Summary

The Emerald Land has been invaded by a band of marauders from a neighbouring kingdom led by a sex crazed wizard. The only hope is a sword, the Sword of Adzunati revealed in a mystical vision to one of a band of blonde Amazons. Two plucky warrior women, Dyali and Tashi set out to retrieve the sword and save their homeland.


Directed by: Alex Sessa
© New Horizons Picture Corp., Aries Films Internacional 1986
© 1986 Concorde Pictures
Concorde and Aries Films present
Produced by: Héctor Olivera
Co-produced by: Frank K. Isaac Jr
Associate Producer: Roger Corman
Written by: Charles Saunders
Director of Photography: Leonard Solis
Editor: Edward Lowe
Music Composed by: Oscar Camp
Production Sound Mixer: Norman Newcastle
Wardrobe: Betty Abraham
Make-up: Laura Zelop
Hair Dresser: Rolley Spinet
Special Effects: Willy Smith
Pyrotechnics: Raul Cardillo
Art Director: Julie Bertotto [real name: María Julia Bertotto]
Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina *
Filmed at: Baires Studios [Buenos Aires, Argentina]

Windsor Taylor Randolph [real name: Mindi Miller] (Dyala)
Penelope Reed (Tashi)
Joseph Whipp (Kilungo)
Danitza Kingsley (Tishingi)
Wolfram Hoechst (Mallin)
Jacques Arndt (High Priest)
Charles Finch (Timar)
Frank Cocza (Balgur)
Santiago Mallo (Halfhead)
Annie Larronde (Emerald Queen)
Armand Capó (Hitron)
Mary Fournery (Vishti)
Noelle Balfour (Lali)
Esther Velazquez (Azundati)
Marc Woinsky (Arton)
Fabiana Smith (lioness (Akam))
Lena Marie Johansson (female noble 1)
Linda Guzman (female noble 2)
Albert Marty (male noble)
William Reta (guard)

Alternative Titles

Amazon – working title
Amazonas – Venezuela



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