Amazing World of Ghosts (1978)

USA, 1978
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American pseudo-documentary directed by Wheeler Dixon.


A documentary looking at various aspects of the paranormal.


Director: Wheeler Dixon
© 1979 Delineator Films Inc. [opening credits]
© 1978 Delineator Films Inc. of California [end credits]
Executive Producer: Wheeler Dixon
Produced by: Delineator Films Inc.
Production Manager: Pamela Belden
Written by: Christopher Sereni [real name: Wheeler Dixon]
Directed by: Delineator Films Inc.
Edited by: Jeffrey McLaughlin, Kenneth Weissman
Post-Production Supervisor [sic]: Ken Weissman, Jeffrey McLaughlin
Post-production: Ross-Gaffney, James Gaffney
Laboratory: Kim-o-Lux, Seymour Richmond
Music Supervision: Jim Cookman
Animation: Granato Animation
Research: Carmen Lopez
UFO Stills Research: Dennis Coleman
Our thanks to: The US Air Force; Project Bluebook; NASA; and the National Archives, without whose help this film could not have been made
This film is designed primarily for your entertainment. Although the producers have taken every possiuble precaution to insure the accuracy of materials and other documentation usred in this motion picture, the producers bear no responsibility of any kind for inaccuracies, irregularities, or other errors or omissions in the claims and cases discussed herein, The theories presented in the film are either those of eyewitnesses, researchers, or the producers, and no claim to other authenticity or cvalidity of these theories is either made or implied.

Sidney Paul (narrator)


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