Alien Blood (1998)

UK, 1998
mono, English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by Jon Sorensen.

Plot Summary

An alien and her daughter are stranded on Earth when their mothership leaves without them and disguise themselves as humans. They are being pursued by mysterious white-masked assassins and seek shelter in a house where a millennium night party is being staged.


Directed by: Jon Sorensen
© West Coast Films/Jon Sorensen 1998
West Coast Films presents an Akira Meruna production, A film by Jon Sorenseon. A West Coast Films production
Executive Producer: M.R.J. Moore
Produced by: Jon Sorensen
Line Producer: Jon Sorensen
Associate Producer: Jane Sorensen
Screenplay by: Jon Sorensen
Director of Photography: Peter M. Rowe
Edited by: Tim Chisholm
Original Music Composed and Performed by: Gary Lloyd
Additional Music: A.V.P. Productions
Sound Recordist: Harry Brookes
Make-up Artist: Serena McCarron
Special Make-up Effects [opening titles] Special Make-up Effects Designer/Supervisor: Stuart Conran
Special Effects Armourer/Supervisor: Steve Tomkow
Visual Effects Supervisors: Simon Leech, Jon Carter
Filmed on location in The English Lake District

Francesca Manning (Helene)
Glyn Whiteside (Jouvet/Tom)
Vannessa Stevens [opening credits] Vanessa Stevens [end credits] (Vickie)
Catherine Whitaker (Marie)
Penelope Dudley (Elizabeth)
Karen Reay (Mina)
Shirley Clarke (second alien mother)
Tony Hunt (James)
Jane Sorensen (Rachael)
Rob Campbell (lecherous farmer)
Guy Pockock (MIB soldiers – gum chewer)
Rebecca Stirling (Monique)
Robbie Jackson (alien boy)
Ross Connor (Roddy the piper)
Fiona Whelan, Abigail Todd (extraterrestrial females)
Howie Dodds (fire-juggler)
David Collingwood (breakfast waiter)
Gareth Stubbs, Carl Barker, Rob Campbell, David Collingwood, Lee Morris, Steven Oliver, John Morris, David Meddings, Joseph Queenan, Stuart Conran, Simon Webber, Angus Rodriguez, Michael Mills, Shirley Clarke, Alan Smithee (M.I.B. soldiers)



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