Out of the Unknown: Time in Advance (1965)

UK, 1 November 1965
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Out of the Unknown (1965-1971) – series 1, episode 5

A British science fiction television episode directed by Peter Sasdy.

Plot Summary

In the future, criminals are sentenced before they commit their crimes and sent to adangerous planet being colonized.


Director: Peter Sasdy
© [not given on screen]
Producer: Irene Shubik
Associate Producer: George Spenton-Foster
By: William Tenn
Dramatised by: Paul Erickson
Story Editor: Irene Shubik
Lighting: Geoff Shaw
Title Music Composed and Conducted by: Norman Kay
Incidental Music and Special Sound by: BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Costumes Supervised by: Dorothea Wallace
Makeup Supervised by: Gillian James
Designer: Tony Abbott

Edward Judd (Crandall)
Mike Pratt (Henick)
Wendy Gifford (Polly)
Dyson Lovell (Henson)
Jerome Willis (Ryman)
Judy Parfitt (Marie)
Danvers Walker (Dan)
Peter Madden (the examiner)
Peter Stephens (Stephenson)
Ken Parry (Ballaskia)
Oliver MacGreevey (chief guard)
Philip Voss (police officer)
Michael Harding (newsreader)
Patrick Scanlan (a captor)

Extracts included in
The Alchemists of Sound (2003)