Zamba (1949)

USA, 1949
black and white, sepia tinted

An American fantasy film directed by William Berke.

Plot Summary

A young orphaned boy is raised by .


Directed by: William Berke
Fortune Pictures
Producer: Maurice H. Conn
Screenplay by: Barbara Worth
Story: Maurice H. Conn
Director of Photography: J. Brown
Editor: Martin G. Cohn
Music: Raoul Kraushaar
Art Director: Fred Preble

Jon Hall (Steve)
June Vincent (Jenny)
George Cooper (Doug)
Jane Nigh (Carol)
George O'Hanlon (Marvin)
Beau Bridges (Tommy)
Darby Jones (Keega)
Harry Lauter
Alphonse Martel (Gaston)
Pierre Watkin (Benton)
Theron Jackson (Kayla)
Ray ‘Crash' Corrigan (Zamba)

Alternative Titles

The Girl and the Gorilla – shooting title
Zomba the Gorilla


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