Voices (1973)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Kevin Billington.

Plot Summary

Stranded in a fog-bound Georgian mansion, quarreling couple Claire and Robert find their already shaky relationship disintegrating rapidly. After the death of their young son, Claire twice attempted suicide and her callous husband refuses to believe her when she reports seeing in the mansion. Eventually he too begins to have visions of a Victorian family and they decide to flee the house, only to make a horrific discovery about who's haunting who…


Directed by: Kevin Billington
© 1972 by Hemdale Film Productions Limited
Hemdale presents. The Robert Enders production of…
Distributed by: Hemdale Film Distributors Limited
Produced by Warden Productions Limited
Produced by: Robert Enders
Associate Producer: Gordon L.T. Scott
Production Manager: Ron Fry
Screenplay by: George Kirgo and Robert Enders
From the play by: Richard Lortz
Assistant Director: David Alexander
Continuity: Glenda Bell, Elizabeth Wilcox
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Unsworth
Camera Operator: Peter Macdonald
Editor: Peter Thornton
Colour by: Technicolor
Music Composed by: Richard Rodney Bennett
Conducted by: Marcus Dods
Recording Director: Tony Lumkin
Sound Recordist: Lesley Hammond
Dubbing Mixer: Bill Rowe
Dubbing Editor: Jeanne Henderson
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jeannette Gay
Make-up: Norma Camara
Hairdresser: Ann Mcfadian
Art Director: Len Townsend
Assistant Art Director: Tony Reading
Produced at EMI-MGM Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England
Casting: Maggie Cartier

David Hemmings (Robert)
Gayle Hunnicutt (Claire)
Lynn Farleigh (the mother)
Russell Lewis (John)
Eva Griffiths (Jessica)
Peggy Ann Clifford (the medium)
Adam Bridge (David)

Alternative Titles

E se oggi… fosse giàdomani? – Italian title

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