Time Under Fire (1996)

USA, 1996
35mm film, colour, 1.37:1

A French science fiction film directed by Scott P. Levy.

Plot Summary

The submarine USS Alabama falls through a time warp in the and Alan Deakins is the only survivor. He returns home and his story comes to the attention of paranormal researcher Lance McCarthy and together they lead a team in search of the time warp. But this time, they end up in a post-apocalyptic future ruled over by the apparently immortal Commissioner Braddock.


Director: Scott P. Levy
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Line Producer: Jackie Dagan
Producer: Andrew Stevens
Script: Tripp Reed
Editors: Brett Hedlund, Daniel H. Holland
Music: David Wurst, Eric Wurst
Special Effects: Brett Newkirk, Dale Newkirk
Mechanical Special Effects: Ron Petruccione
Visual Effects Supervisor: Brett Hedlund
Production Designer: Steve Ralph

Jeff Fahey (Alan/John Deakins)
Richard Tyson (Koda)
Jack Coleman (Lance McCarthy)
Rick Batalla (Prentice)
Bryan Cranston (Braddock)
Chick Vennera (Spitz)
Linda Hoffman (Marjorie)
Richard Cummings (Hawks)
Larry Poindexter (Cole)
Jay Acovone (Schmidt)
Kimberly Stevens (Jeannie Deakins)
Ben Jurand (Pierce)

Alternative Titles

Beneath the Bermuda Triangle
Tempo Debaixo de Fogo
– Portugal