The Ugly (1997)

New Zealand, 1997
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Dolby, English

A New Zealand horror film directed by Scott Reynolds.

Plot Summary

Serial killer Simon has spent the last five years in a psychiatric hospital. Dr Karen Shoemaker decides that she can cure Simon and starts making regular visits. But all she does is reawaken his past life in a series of horrific flashbacks.


Director: Scott Reynolds
Essential Films, New Zealand Film Commission
Producer: Jonathan Dowling
Script: Scott Reynolds
Director of Photography: Simon Raby
Editor: Wayne Cook
Music: Victoria Kelly
Sound Mixers: John Boswell, Michael Hedges
Wardrobe Designer: Emily Carter
Make-up: Dominie Till
Special Make-up Effects: Andrew Beattie, Annameik Weterings, Dominic Taylor, Emma Moncreith, Jason Docherty, Marjory Hamlin, Mike Asquith, Mike Gibson, Niki Phillips, Rachel Broad, Richard Taylor, Tania Rodger, Tawnee Sowman, Tracey Henton, Vance Hartwell
Special Effects: Brent Donaldson
Computer Generated Effects: John Sheils
Production Designer: Grant Major

Paolo Rotondo (Simon Cartwright)
Rebecca Hobbs (Dr Karen Shoemaker)
Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Evelyn Cartwright)
Roy Ward (Dr Marlowe)
Vanessa Byrnes (Julie aged 25)
Paul Glover (Phillip)
Christopher Graham (Robert)
Jon Brazier (Frank)
Beth Allen (Julie aged 13)
Chris Baily (Ed Daley)
Tim Barlow (police photographer)
David Baxter (Clive)
Carolyn Beaver (Helen’s friend)
Shane Bessant, Steve Hall (worker thugs)
Katrina Browne (woman in floral dress)
Phillip Brown, Finn Johnsen, Tau Luke (future cops)
Aaron Buskin (Roland)
Frances Chan, Matt Cornelius, Jenny Rushton, Scott Wills (Simon’s victims)
Hugh D’Calveley (victim in alleyway)
Yvonne Dudman (Melinda Jackson)

Alternative Titles

Die Dämonen des Mörders – German television title
Entrevista com o Assassino – Portugese title
The Ugly – Ruma – Finnish title
Ugly – French title

Extracts included in
Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation (2001)


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