The End (1998)

Dolby, English

A British fantasy film directed by Joe Wright.


Ralph is getting old and increasingly angry with the world. When he finds that he can no longer indulge in his only pleasure, , he decides to kill himself. But he wants to do it in style and turns to local dealer Jimmy for help. He supplies him with a tab of acid which Ralph takes with a bottle of aspirins – but the effects are not quite what Ralph was expecting…


Director: Joe Wright
Imagine Films, British Film Institute, London Production Fund, Zenith, Working Title Films, The National Lottery through The Arts Council of England, Channel Four, Levi-Strauss and Co, Firesign Productions
Executive Producer: Stephanie Faugier
Producer: Christopher Simon
Script: Kathy Burke
Director of Photography: Seamus McGarvey
Editor: Melanie Oliver
Sound Recordist: Tim Fraser
Make-up: Christine Blundell
Hair: Christine Blundell
Special Effects: Mike Crowley, Any Effects
Post Digital Effects: Simon Gosling, Cinesite
Production Designer: Eve Stewart

Willie Ross (Ralph)
Robbie Jarvis (Jimmy)
Curtis Walker (David)