The Alienator (1989)

USA, 1989

An American science fiction film directed by Fred Olen Ray.

Plot Summary

An alien rebellion leader escapes from his orbiting prison ship and makes his way to Earth where he is found and given shelter by a group of teenagers. But the prison commander has dispatched the alienator, a female robot, to track down the runaway and terminate him.


Director: Fred Olen Ray
Amazing Movies, American Independant, Majestic International
Executive Producers: Tom Howard, Daniel Q. Kennis
Producer: Jeffrey C. Hogue
Associate Producer: Jeffrey Mallion
Script: Paul Garson
Director of Photography: Gary Graver
Editor: Chris Roth
Music: Chuck Cirino
Sound Mixer: Christopher Endicott
Wardrobe Designer: Jill Conner
Make Up: Shelly Fox, Monica Maynor
Special Effects Make Up: Bruce Barlow, Mark Williams
Special Effects Designer: Cleve Hall Tuck
Special Visual Effects: Cruse and Company
Space Prison Sequence Animation Effects: Bret Mixon
Art Director: Ted Tunney, Lindah Lauderbaugh

Jan Michael Vincent (commander)
John Philip Law (Ward Armstrong)
Ross Hagen (Kol)
Dyana Ortelli (Orrie)
Jesse Dabson (Benny)
Dawn Wildsmith (Caroline)
P.J. Soles (Tara)
Robert Clarke (Lund)
Richard Wiley (Rick)
Leo V. Gordon (Colonel Coburn)
Robert Quarry (Doc Burnside)
Fox Harris (Burt)
Hoke Howell (Harley)
Jay Richardson (prison sergeant major)
Don Golden (electrocuted prisoner)
Joseph Zimmerman (head guard)
Kathy Brett (tech 1)
Joseph Pilato (tech 2)
Jeffrey C. Hogue (bug faced guard)
Grant Austin Waldman (guard 2)
Teagan (the alienator)

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