Thark (1948)

UK, 24 April
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British borderline fantasy television play based on the Aldywch farce by Ben Travers. Kenneth Kove and Winifred Shotter both appeared in the original 1927 production at the Aldwych theatre. This television version was broadcast live and never recorded.

Plot Summary

When Mrs Frush complains to Sir Hector Benbow that , the large country house he sold her, is haunted a group of people descend on the place in search of ghosts.


Written by: Ben Travers, based on his stage play
Produced by: Eric Fawcett
Settings: James Bould

Erik Chitty (Hook)
Joan Mundy (Warner)
Eleanor Summerfield (Cherry Buck)
Kenneth Kove (Lionel Frush)
Muriel George (Mrs Frush)
Charles Heslop (Sir Hector Benbow)
Desmond Walter-Ellis (Ronald Gamble)
Ruth Taylor (Lady Benbow)
Winifred Shotter (Kitty Stratton)
Gibb McLaughlin (Jones)
Victor Platt (Whittle)

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