Randy (1980)

USA, 1979
35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American pornographic science fiction film Phillip Schuman.

Plot Summary

Randy has never experienced an orgasm so seeks help at a strange clinic where she is subjected to strange tests and experiments by who are searching for the ultimate orgasm.


Directed by: Phillip Schuman
© Fast Forward Films
Fast Forward Films presents
Produced by: Phillip Schuman
Associate Producer: Norwood Pratt
Screenplay: Phil Schuman, Ben Van Meter, Norwood Pratt
Photography: Ben Van Meter
Editor: Phillip Schuman
Original Score: Philip Gonzales
Sound Recordist: Steve Halbert
Sets: Bill Wolfe
Locations: Marin County, California, USA; San Francisco, California, USA

Desiree Cousteau (Randy)
Monica Sands (Dr Tully)
Roger Frazer (Dr Harrison)
Juliet Anderson (Dr Pandreck)
Cyrus James (Frank)
Lisa Rush (Pam)
Harold Steinfarfel (Dr Crass)
Claire Lucerne, Jesie St. James, Mary Sue Hoffer, Gina D'Amato, Jennifer Royce (trainees)
Brenda Stewart (Carol Jones)
Steve Miller ([voice of] Bruce)
John Sleuther (John)
Beth Stein (Beth)
Dewey Alexander [real name: Richard Pacheco] (Randy's 1st time)
John Leonard (Pam's 1st time)
C.P. Herr (old man)
Justin Case (chauffeur)

Alternative Titles

Randy, the Electric Lady – advertising title



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