Qui? (1970)

France, Italy,
35mm film, Eastmancolor

A French/Italian borderline horror film directed by Léonard Keigel.

Plot Summary

While arguing during a holiday drive, Marina and her boyfriend crash their car into the sea. Marina jumps free but there's no sign of her boyfriend. Time passes and Marina falls in love with her missing boyfriend's brother but can't shake the feeling that she's being watched…


Directed by: Léonard Keigel
Fida Cinematografica, Lira Films
Produced by: Edmondo Amati, Raymond Danon
Production Manager: Renzo Genta
Script: Léonard Keigel
Dialogue: Paul Gégauff
Italian Version Dialogue: Franco Dal Cer
Assistant Directors: Renzo Genta, Michel Leroy
Script Supervisor: Annie Maurel
Director of Photography: Jean-Serge Bourgoin
Camera Operator: Christian Guillouet
Stills: Raoul Foulon
Editor: André Delage
Assistant Editors: Rita Antonelli, Catherine Peltier
Music: Claude Bolling
Costume Designer: Marie Dabadie
Make Up: Jacky Bouban
Hair: Jean-Max Guérin
Production Designer: Eric Simon
Set Decorator: Jean Vergne
Production Secretary: Nicole Carmet
Locations: Brittany, France; Paris, France
Unit Manager: Paul Dufour

Romy Schneider (Marina)
Maurice Ronet (Serge)
Gabriele Tinti (Claude)
Simone Bach (Dorothée)
Jean-Jacques Bourgeois
Suzy Hannier
Anne-Marie Coffinet
Jacques Duby (annoying guest)
Jean Berger
Jean-Paul Blonday
Dany Jacquet
Rémy Julienne
Antonio Ramirez

Alternative Titles

Il cadavere dagli artigli d'acciaio – Italian title
Die Geliebte des Anderen – West German title
The Sensuous Assassin