Laboratory (1980)

35mm film, colour

An American science fiction film directed by Allan Sandler and Robert Emenegger.


A group of humans are abducted by for use in experiments. Relations between the abductees deteriorates as they try to find a way off the alien ship.


Directed by: Allan Sandler and Robert Emenegger
© 1980 Sandler Institutional Films, Inc.
A Sandler-Emenegger presentation. Sandler Institutional Films, Inc. in association with Robert Emenegger Ltd.
Produced by: Allan Sandler and Robert Emenegger
Associate Producer: Anne Spielberg
Screenplay by: Seth Marshall III
From a concept by Robert Emenegger and Steve Allan Sandler
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Mignone
Edited by: Burton Lee Harry
Music Composed by: Robert Emenegger
Sound: Trevor Black
Wardrobe Designer: Poppy Cannon
Makeup: Miriam Lemel
Special Photographic Effects and Design: James Castle, Bruce Bryant
Art Director: Michael Scheffe

Martin Kove
Ken Washington
Camille Mitchell
Corinne Michaels
Garnett Smith
June Kim



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