King David (1985)

114m, 10,222 feet
35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), Technicolor, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo, English

An American religious fantasy film directed by Bruce Beresford.


Director: Bruce Beresford
Paramount Pictures
Producer: Martin Elfand
Associate Producer: Charles Orme
Script: Andrew Birkin, James Costigan
Story: James Costigan
Based on the Book of Samuel I and II, Chronicles I, The Psalms of David
Editor: William Anderson
Music/Musical Director: Carl Davis
Sound Recordist: Brian Marshall
Costume Designer: John Mollo
Make-up Supervisor: Stuart Freeborn
Make-up: Colin Arthur, Graham Freeborn, Kathleen Freeborn, Frederick Williamson
Special Effects Supervisor: Kit West
Special Effects Supervisor (Italy): Dino Galliano
Production Designers: Ken Adam

Richard Gere (David)
Edward Woodward (Saul)
Alice Krige (Bathsheba)
Dennis Quilley (Samuel)
Niall Buggy (Nathan)
Cherie Lunghi (Michal)
Hurd Hatfield (Ahimelech)
Jack Klaff (Jonathan)
John Castle (Abner)
Tim Woodward (Joab)
David de Keyser (Ahitophel)
Ian Sears (Young David)
Simon Dutton (Eliab)
Jean-Marc Barr (Absalom)
Arthur Whybrow (Jesse)
Christopher Malcolm (Doeg)
Valentine Pelka (Shammah)
Ned Vukovic (Malchishua)
Michael Mueller (Abinadab)
James Coombes (Amnon)

Alternative Titles

K̦nig David РGerman title
Król Dawid – Polish title
Kuningas Daavid – Finnish title
O Rei David – Portugese title
Rey David – Spanish title
El Rey David – Argentinian title



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