Killdozer (1974)

USA, 2 February
Technicolor, 4:3
mono, English
Reviewed at The

An American science fiction television film directed by Jerry London.

Plot Summary

A group of construction workers on a remote island off Africa come under attack from a bulldozer that has been possessed by an alien force which arrives on Earth in a meteor.


Directed by: Jerry London
© MCMLXXIV [1974] Universal City Studios, Inc.
Universal an MCA company [logo]
Produced by: Herbert F. Solow
Teleplay by: Theodore Sturgeon and Ed MacKillop
Adapted by: Herbert F. Solow
Based on the Novella by: Theodore Sturgeon
Assistant Director: Mark Sandrich Jr
Director of Photography: Terry K. Meade
Film Editors: Fabien Tordjmann, Bud Hoffman
Editorial Supervision: Richard Belding
Music: Gil Mellé
Music Supervision: Hal Mooney
Sound: Albert D. Cuesta
Special Photographic Effects: Albert Whitlock
Titles & Optical Effects: Universal title
Art Director: James Martin Bachman
Set Decorations: Hal Overell
Unit Manager: Frank Losee

Clint Walker [Lloyd Kelly]
Carl Betz [Dennis Holvig]
Neville Brand [Chub Foster]
James Wainwright [Jules ‘Dutch' Krasner]
Robert Urich as [Mack] McCarthy
James A. Watson Jr as [Al] Beltran



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