Contamination (1980)

Italy, West Germany,
90m (USA), 95m (Italy)
Eastmancolor, Telecolor

An Italian science fiction/horror film directed by Luigi Cozzi using the pseudonym Lewis Coates. It was one of several films made in Italy during this period that copied elements of Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) and was siezed by the UK authorities as a “” in the 1980s though it was never prosecuted in a court of law.

Plot Summary

An out of control ship proves to be completely unmanned, its hold full of mysterious which spew a corrosive substance over the search party, causing their chests to messily explode. The eggs have been brought back from by an ill-fated expedition which resulted in one of the , Hubbard, going completely mad. Hubbard and an unlikely group of allies uncover a plot to cultivate the eggs and release them into the sewers where they will ripen, explode and contaminate the whole of New York.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Lewis Coates [real name: Luigi Cozzi]
[copyright not given]
Alex Cinematografica S.r.l. presents an Italian-German co-production. Alex Cinematografica S.r.l.. – Rome, Barthonia Film GmbH – Munich, Lisa Film GmbH – Munich
Produced by: Claudio Mancini
Associate Producer: Ugo Valenti
Screenplay by: Lewis Coates [real name: Luigi Cozzi], Erich Tomek
Based on an Original Story by: Lewis Coates [real name: Luigi Cozzi]
Director of Photography: Giuseppe Pinori
Film Editor: Nino Baragli
Music by: “The Goblin” [real name: Goblin]
Sound Recordist: Gaetano Testa
Costumes by: Tiziana Mancini
Make-up Artist: Pierantonio Mecacci
Hairstylist: Corrado Cristofori
The “Alien Cyclops” Was Designed by: Claudio Mazzoli
And Constructed by: Georgio Ferrari
Special Effects: Giovanni Corridori
Production Designer: M. Antonello Geleng
Filmed on location and at INCIR – De Paolis Studios, Rome
Locations: New York, USA; Florida, USA; Santo Domingo; Colombia *

Ian McCulloch (Commander Ian Hubbard)
Louise Marleau (Colonel Stella Holmes)
Marino Masé (Lieutenant Tony Aris)
Siegfried Rauch (Hamilton)
Gisela Hahn (Perla de la Cruz)
Carlo De Mejo (Agent Young)
Carlo Monni (Dr Turner)
Pier Luigi Conti [Dr Turner's partner] *
Martin Sorrentino [black warehouse worker] *
Brigitte Wagner [doctor] *

Alternative Titles

Alien 2 – advertising title
Alien Contamination – US title
Alien Contamination: Alien on Earth
Astaron – Brut des Schreckens
– West German title
Contaminacion: Alien invade la Tierra
– Spanish title
Contamination – Alien arriva sulla terra
– Italian title
Contamination: Alien on Earth
– publicity title
Contaminazione: Alien arriva sulla terra
– alternative title
Kuoleman koura
– Finnish title
Toxic Spawn
– US video title
Het Zaad van Mars
– Dutch title

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