Cinderfella (1960)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.78:1
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

An American fantasy film directed by Frank Tashlin.

Plot Summary

When his father dies, Fella is left in the care of his cruel stepmother and her vindictive sons Maximilian and Rupert. His stepmother plans a throw ball in honour of the visiting Princess Charming, hoping that she will consent to marry Rupert. But Fella's fairy godfather arrives to throw a spanner in the works…


Directed by: Frank Tashlin
Jerry Lewis Productions
Executive Producers:
Produced by: Jerry Lewis
Associate Producer: Ernest D. Glucksman
Written by: Frank Tashlin
Director of Photography: Haskell Boggs
Editor: Arthur P. Schmidt
Music by: Walter Scharf
Sound Recordists: Charles Grenzbach, Gene Merritt
Costume Designer: Edith Head
Make-up Supervisor: Wally Westmore
Hair Style Supervisor: Nellie Manley
Special Photographic Effects: John P. Fulton
Process Photography: Farciot Edouart
Art Directors: Henry Bumstead, Hal Pereira

Jerry Lewis (Cinderfella)
Ed Wynn (fairy godfather)
Judith Anderson (wicked stepmother)
Henry Silva (Maximilian)
Robert Hutton (Rupert)
Count Basie (Count Basie)
Joe Williams (band vocalist)
Anna Maria Alberghetti (Princess Charming)

Alternative Titles

Aschenblödel – Austrian, West German title
Cendrillon, aux grands pieds – French title
Il cenerentolo – Italian title
El ceniciento – Spanish title
Cenusaresul – Romanian title
Cinderelo dos Pés Grandes – Portuguese title
Cinderelo sem Sapato – Brazilian title
Erase una vez un Ceniciento – Mexican title
Hamupipö – Hungarian title
Jerry Lewis Pamuk Prenses – Turkish title
O Jerry Lewis stahtopoutos – Greek title
Jerry tuhkimona – Finnish title
Jerry, der Familientrottel – Austrian, West German title
Jerrys store eventyr – Danish title
KnAskungen – Swedish title
Kopciuch – Polish title
O trellos stahtopoutos – Greek re-release title
Пепеляшко – Bulgarian title

Extracts included in
Jerry Lewis at Work (2004)
Jerry Lewis – König der Komödianten (2006)
Precious Images (1986)


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