Catacombs (1965)

UK, 1965
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Gordon Hessler.


Director: Gordon Hessler
Production Company: McCallum/Parroch
Producer: Jack Parsons
Co-Producer: Neil McCallum
Script: Daniel Mainwaring
Novel: Jay Bennett
Director of Photography: Arthur Lavis
Editor: Robert Winter
Music: Carlo Martelli
Make Up: Wally Schneiderman
Art Director: George Provis

Gary Merrill (Raymond Garth)
Jane Merrow (Alice Taylor)
Georgina Cookson (Ellen Garth)
Neil McCallum (Dick Corbett)
Frederick Piper (police inspector)
Rachel Thomas (Christine)
Jack Train (solicitor)

Alternative Titles

Catacombs – Im Netz des Dunkeln – West Germany
Una forca per due – Italy
Katakumby – Poland
Den Myrdede som forsvant – Norway
The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die– USA



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