Breeders (1986)

35mm film, colour

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Tim Kincaid.

Plot Summary

Staff at the Manhattan General Hospital deal with a number of women who appear to have been raped and impregnated by an alien creature who is targeting . Dr Gambel Pace teams up with Detective Dale Andriotti to track down the perpetrator – but why are the victims suddenly wandering off in a trance-like state? And what is waiting for them in a mysterious tunnel beneath the hospital?


* = uncredited

Director: Tim Kincaid
Beyond Infinity, Entertainment Concepts, Lightning Video, Wizard Video
Executive Producer: Charles Band *
Producer: Cynthia De Paula
Script: Tim Kincaid
Director of Photography: Arthur D. Marks
Editor: Barry Zetlin
Music: Don Great
Costume Designer: Joni George
Make-up: Erin Pollitt
Special Make-up Effects: Ed French
Art Director: Marina Zurkow
Locations: New York City, New York, USA

Teresa Farley (Dr Gamble Pace)
Lance Lewman (Detective Dale Andriotti)
Frances Raines (Katrina)
Natalie O'Connell (Donna)
Amy Brentano (Gail)
LeeAnne Baker (Kathleen)
Matt Mitler (Ted)
Adriane Lee (Alec)
Mae Cerar (Mrs Moore)
Mark Legan (Brett)
Dan Geffen (gentleman)
Pat Rizzolino (intruder)
Derek Dupont (Jeffrey)
Owen Flynn (monster)
Raheim Grier (deformed creature)
Rose Geffen (bag lady)
Doug Devos (security guard)
Michael Zezima (basement guard)
Brian Barnes (Dave)
Norris Culf (Walter)
Louis Spudeas (Donna's date)
Kent Perkins (taxi driver)
Ed French (Dr Ira Markum)
Roxie (Rudolph)

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