Bleeders (1997)

Canada, USA,
8mm film, 16mm film, 35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
Dolby, English

A Canadian/American horror film directed by Peter Svatek.

Plot Summary

A man dying from a mysterious illness travels with his girlfriend to a remote island where his family come from in the hope that he can find a cure. Instead he finds that his family are all in-bred cannibals living underground – can his love for his girlfriend prove stronger than his family ties?


* = uncredited

Director: Peter Svatek
Executive Producers: John Buchanan, Ed Elbert, Gary Howsam
Producers: Julie Allan, Pieter Kroonenburg
Line Producer: Hélène Boulay
Script: Charles Adair, Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett
Short Story: The Lurking Fear by H.P. Lovecraft *
Director of Photography: Barry Gravelle
Editor: Heidi Haines
Music: Alan Reeves
Production Sound Recordist: Louis Marion
Costume Designer: Claire Nadon
Key Make Up: Henri Khouzam
Key Hair: Robert Vienneau
Special Effects Make Up: Adrien Morot
Production Designer: Michel Proulx

Rutger Hauer (Dr Marlowe)
Roy Dupuis (John Strauss)
Kristin Lehman (Kathleen)
Jackie Burroughs (Lexie)
John Dunn-Hill (Hank)
Joanna Noyes (Byrde)
Felicia Schulman (Yolanda)
Janine Theriault (Alice)
Michelle Brunet (Ramona)
John Harold Cail (ferryman)
David Deveau (Ben)
Spencer Evans (Squeakie)
Carmen Ferland (Mrs Shea)
Gillian Ferrabee (Eva Van Daam, her twin brother, and John's twin sister)
Pascal Gruselle (Vermeer)
Christopher Heyerdahl (narrator)
Lisa Bronwyn Moore (Toot)
Leni Parker (Baby Laura)

Alternative Titles

Blodsoffer- Swedish video title
The Descendant- US TV title
Hämoglobin- German title
Hemoglobin – creature dall'inferno - Italy
Hemoglobin- Dutch video title/UK title
Hemoglobina - Spain
Hémoglobine- French TV title
Herencia de sangre- Spanish TV title
Veren kirous- Finnish video title