Andrina (1981)

UK, 30 November
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television film directed by Bill Forsyth.

Plot Summary

Retired sea captain Captain Torvald lives alone in a remote cottage in Orkney when he is befriended by the mysterious Andrina who keeps pressing him to tell her a love story from his past. He finally relents and the consequences are not what he expected.


Director: Bill Forsyth
BBC Scotland
Producer: Roderick Graham
Production Manager: Pamela Christie
Adaptation: Bill Forsyth
Based on a short story by: George Mackay Brown
Film Camera: Andrew Dunn
Assistant Film Camera: Graham Veevers
Editor: Louis Miller
Assistant Editor: Peter Simpson
Sound Recordist: Graham Ross
Assistant Sound Recordist: Mike Donald
Dubbing Mixer: Stuart Grieg
Costume Designer: Mary-Jane Reyner
Make-up Artist: Janet Steele
Designers: Guthrie Hutton, Peter Deuling
Production Associate: Jean Esslemont
Assistant Floor Manager: David Blair
Production Assistant: Pamela Menzies
Locations: Orkney Isles, Scotland, UK

Cyril Cusack (Captain Bill Torvald)
Wendy Morgan (Andrina)
Sandra Voe (Tina Stewart)
Jimmy Yuill (Stanley)
Dave Anderson (Isaac)


Radio Times vol.233 no.3029 (28 November-4 December 1981) pp.16, 19-20 – illustrated interview with Bill Forsyth (Television allows you to deal with a more intimate side of things by Clive Hodgson)
Television Today 5 March 1981 p.19 – note (Drama in production at BBC Scotland)